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  • Sustainability: End user’s perspective

  • Impact of electric vehicles on MWF demand and use

  • Supply chain challenges

  • New techniques for evaluating MWF in the lab

  • Best practices for managing MWF in the plant

  • Sustainable metalworking fluids

  • Biocides: How to work with their dwindling number

  • Health & safety effects of MWF

  • Additive challenges, particularly EP options

  • Remote monitoring of MWF

  • Regulations impacting MWF use, including PFAS restrictions



Keynote Speaker

Dr. Robert Jackson, Auburn University

The industrial landscape is evolving quickly with artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing and alternative energy sources, and tribology will remain a critical aspect. However, it has become more difficult to recruit into the field. Dr. Robert Jackson of Auburn University, creator and director of the United States’ first minor in tribology, will give an update on the university's program, now in its 11th year. He will also share insight into what it's like to work with the current generation of students and what they are looking for with respect to career development. As the lubricants industry seeks to attract young employees, Dr. Jackson will explore how to market the field of tribology to the next generation. 

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