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Presentations / Slides

Sustainability Aspects in the Use of Processing Media for Forming or Cutting – How to Reduce Environmental Impact and Health Hazard in Production Processes

Stefan Joksch, Oemeta Chemische Werke

Considerations for Changing Aluminum Cold Rolling Base
James Anglin, Allegheny Petroleum

2023 STLE Trends Report – Emerging Issues and Trends In Tribology and Lubrication Engineering and their Impact on Metalworking Fluids

Neil Canter, Chemical Solutions

Understanding the Environmental Science of Chlorinated Paraffin– A Scientific Review of Recent Environmental Testing, Environmental Field Work
Tom Federle, CPIA

Innovation in Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow
Shannon McGee, Quaker Houghton

Considerations in the Selection of Drawing Lubricants for the production of Copper Wire and Aluminum Wire used to produce Magnet Wire and Power Conductor for Electric Vehicles
Ike Tripp, Etna Products

Regulatory Landscape – Overview of Recent Changes in U.S, EU, Canada, and Globally (POPs)
Andrew Jaques, CPIA

ASTM Subcommittee E34.50 Standards Addressing Metalworking Fluid Health And Safety Issues
Fred Passman, BCA

Phosphorus and Silicone Free Staining Inhibitor for Light Weight Metals
Jiali Jiang, Syensqo

Industry Perspectives on Chlorinated Paraffin use in Metalworking Fluids
Mike Pearce, W. S. Dodge Oil on behalf of the CPIA

Luncheon with Keynote
Dr. Robert Jackson, Auburn University

Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins - Identifying Critical Uses And Why That Is So Important
John Howell, GHS Resources

Looking at Your ESG
Beth Ann Jones, Hangsterfer's

Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids: Making The Case For Continued Use 

John Howell, GHS Resources


Waste Treatment of Metalworking Fluids 
John Burke, Quaker Houghton

Replacement of Chlorinated Paraffins in Heavy-Duty Metalworking Processes
Wilhelm Rehbein, Lanxess

Metal Removal Fluids – An End User's Perspective
Don Smolenski, SMO Consulting

The Role Of Metalworking Fluid Microbicides In An Increasingly Restrictive Regulatory Environment

Fred Passman, BCA

Chlorinated Paraffin Replacement Challenges and Additive Selection Strategies
Ted McClure, Sea-Land Chemical

PFAS Roadmap: What Metalworking Fluids Producers And Users Need To Know Now
John Howell, GHS Resources

Metal Interactions When Using Metalworking Fluids
John Burke, Quaker Houghton

Sustainability Strategies From the Perspective Of A Performance Additive Manufacturer
Michael Stapels, KAO Chemical

High Performance Lubricity Additives For New Challenges
Selim Erhan, Process Oils

Activity and Structure of Sulfurized Olefins
Jay Wang, Dover

Optimizing High Performance Wire Drawing Lubes
Kathleen Havelka, Advancion (Previously Angus)

Regulatory Update
Jeff Leiter, Bassman, Mitchell, Alfano and Leiter
Ben Idzik, Bassman, Mitchell, Alfano and Leiter

Metalworking Fluids in Hybrid Manufacturing
Dr. Robert Jackson, University of Auburn

SCAQMD Proposed Rule 1435 and the Impact on Metal Heat Treating Operations
John Burke, Quaker Houghton

Controlling Metalworking Fluid Failure
John Burke, Quaker Houghton

Meeting Sustainability Standards in Metal Working Fluids Using Specialty Additives
Stefanie Velez, Münzing

Synthetic Esters in Metalworking Fluids: Pioneering Sustainability for Enhanced Performance and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Alisha Bloodworth, Perstorp

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